Just kinda curious, what's up with the Apollo/Artemis twincest shipping?

i’ve always shipped them ever since reading up on mythology in elementary school. i don’t just ship them romantically, i mean fuck yeah if you do, but i just like the idea of them being crazy possessive and in love with one another. cos they are. it just depends on how you wanna see their relationship i guess. 

thanks for asking nicely though. so many people just put it down and shit. 

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con·trol (n): the power to influence or direct people’s behavior or the course of events.

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We Dornish are a hot-blooded people, quick to anger and slow to forgive.

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Top 5 locations?

like anywhere i’ve been or wanna go??? fuck it i’m going with the latter

  • alaska
  • budapest
  • russia
  • greece
  • ireland 
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top five favorite books?

this killed me. i am typing this from my grave.

  • the metamorphosis
  • deathless
  • the bell jar
  • metamorphoses
  • medea
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The world needs bad men. We keep the other bad men from the door.

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Anonymous asked:
top 5 favourite characters in harry potter ?

uhhhhh shit

  • regulus black
  • andromeda black
  • sirius black
  • bellatrix black
  • tom riddle jr.
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The godswife thought her a child, but children grow, and children learn.

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Top 5 historical women?

fucccccck this is harsh man

  • olympias
  • cleopatra
  • catherine the great 
  • sappho
  • joan of arc
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you know me.

no, I don’t.

[ sequel to ]

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vassilias asked:
top 5 OTP's hehe

i mean you know one of em

  • bucky barnes x natasha romanoff
  • arya stark x happiness
  • hades x persephone
  • apollo x icarus
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during the cold war there was a theory that…
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kingrenly asked:
top 5 goddesses?

we talking in general???? cos fuck yeah man

  • hel (always and forever and a day)
  • artemis (one part of my fave otp)
  • freyja (the whole valkyrie thing is aces)
  • sigyn (her loyalty is inspiring)
  • persephone (always)
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